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Hyvigor Story

Hyvigor is a sports brand that specializes in providing high quality, durable, and affordable outdoor sports equipment like inflatable swimming pools, splash pad, camping tents, and inflatable air mattresses, and much more.  Pronounced as High Vigor, our brand name depicts our dedication to revitalizing people’s outdoor sporting activities with vitality and a unique feel of adventure.

At Hyvigor, we believe that there is nothing that should stand between you and your desire to have a good and fun moment while bonding with your family and friends in the outdoors. Thus, our goal is to provide premium quality products at great prices and outstanding customer service to enable our customers to have a truly bespoke outdoor experience.

Our vision is to provide outdoor lovers with creative, comfortable, fun, and safe sports products that allow them to create and enjoy their favorite outdoor sport in the space of their choice

How did we get our start?

Hyvigor was born out of a desire to induce vigor and vitality into a private family moment. We wanted to enable families to strengthen their bond and have a solitary, fun experience by replicating outdoor experiences in their private space without having to go out to public places.  Whether you are having a family reunion or spending time at home on the weekend, we want you to make memories that last.

What makes our products unique?


We emphasize on bringing our customers the best quality and durable products that give them value for their money and save them the cost of replacing them often.

We care about the environment

We always endeavor to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use during manufacturing so as to reduce carbonemissions.


All our products are easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows our customers to carry them to wherever they wish.

Why we love what we do